Our Services

IT is a means to an end that should incorporate your hard and soft resources so the maximum returns are achieved with minimal investment.

This is not to say that requirements should be over looked or compromised through lack of planning or investment.

We have expertise in IT Infrastructure design and setup for small to medium size businesses operating from multiple locations with servers located in one or more locations. We have exceptional skills to accomplish tasks listed in your RFP scope of work and are able to complete projects within agreed timelines. We also have experience working with similar non-profile organizations in the healthcare sector.

We assist customers to identify, develop and implement security management solutions:

IT Support

On Site and Remote Support

Einfolab Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive and low cost IT solutions, with a focus on the public health sector – such as technology design, planning, purchasing, server / network / Application / Cloud supports, monitoring, end-users helpdesk & onsite support. We can provide fast response times that are normally available exclusively from larger IT Support firms.

Our Technical Advisors have strong technological backgrounds and can maintain realistic & cost effective IT infrastructure design & improvement plans.


Data Management

We Are Your Data Experts

We have the experience, technical skills, and project management expertise to plan, analyze and organize the data for your business, in order to make your work easier and more efficient!

The professionals at Einfolab help you to manage any data and tasks for your business, ensuring to provide the best possible support and solutions as required.

In addition, we can provide business technology solutions by delivering extensive back-office services – such as payroll preparation & HR update, web content update & development.


Sage Appac

Optimized to Maximize Profits

Designed to fill the gap between entry-level and complex high-end systems, Sage Accpac can provide for all your needs.

Designed to fill the gap between entry-level and complex high-end systems, Sage BusinessVision provides small and medium-sized organizations with sophisticated business management and accounting systems packed with innovative features, productivity-enhancing benefits, and a range of customization options.